Frank Pintarro

Uncle Frank dancing with his wife at Kathie’s wedding


I am fortunate to say that I have had only one person in my family that has been affected by this terrible disease.  This person was my Great Uncle Frank.  He was my grandpa’s brother and my dad’s hero.  My dad and he spent a lot of time together.  They fished, hunted, played cards, and argued – a lot.  I have watched my dad go out of his way just to be near his Uncle Frank.   My dad died four years before my Uncle Frank had died;  it broke everyone’s heart to know that Uncle Frank was incapable of understanding what had happened, the loss, the sadness.  My uncle did not remember how much he had loved my dad and the lifetime of memories they shared together.   This disease has no right to rob people of the love they have known all their lives; there needs to be cure.”

– Kathie Trzecinski

Kathie models #103


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